Merlot Barrique sec Bag-in-Box 2l

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One of the most successful specimens of the Romanian dry Merlot, especially those coming from nicorești DOC. The wine is ample, complex and rich both aromatically and tastefully. It beautifully displays the impressions characteristic of the variety of ripe cherry, currants and rose, the velvety and medium-bodied taste being generous in tones of dried fruits, sour cherry, cocoa powder and rum, the vanilated impression left by the maturation of the wine in the barrel feeling vibrant in the post taste.

Diamonds are said to be the girls’ best friends. This famous butad of Marilyna Monroe can easily extend to oak wood in connection with the Merlot variety. We have here a Merlot aged in a Romanian oak barrel (225 L) that is distinguished by its finesse and power at the same time. Like an iron hand dressed in a velvet glove. The noble variety makes the rest. It’s worth a try!

The wine, this miraculous liqueur, always reveals to the taster something about its history. The Father and Son range is the wine that transmits from father to son the secret of good wine.

Podgoria Nicorești

36,00 lei

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